League of Legends: Auto call, auto accept and other automatic features for LoL Client launcher

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  1. Autoaccept - Accept Blind, ARAM and Normal matches automatically

    To do this, just press the start button in the program. The program will then start the main AI loop, waiting for buttons to press.

  2. Autocall - call your lane first

    The only way to always call your lane and role first. Just enter the role in the Call text field. You can also use special scripts for complex call patterns.

  3. Autopick - Select your champion first

    Don't let anyone play with your favorite champion. Program includes suggestions for champion names, but you're free to enter eny text in the first field. However please do not use this feature to instalock - instalocking is very unfair!

  4. Automatically select runes, masteries and summoner spells

    Tired of forgetting to set the correct mastery and rune page? Don't want to forget to pick smite when jungling? The runes and masteries are indexed by number.

  5. Save rune, mastery and summoner spell configurations for every champion

    You don't need to re-configure the program every time you change champion. Just use the save button. Next time you type champion name, your settings will be restored.

  6. Use saved mastery and rune settings for champions in ARAM!

    The latest feature allows you to use settings you sved for champions you get in ARAM! This means you will no longer end up with wrong masteries in ARAM!

  7. Enable auto launch client

    Ever been frustrated by waiting for updates to finish, than having to click on Launch button? Auto launch feature automatically launches the client when updates are downloaded. It also automatically accepts EULA which is funny, because this software is not allowed by EULA.

  8. Auto login - login automatically in the game

    WARNING: Your password is only 100% secure when it's not saved anywhere. Auto-login feature can automatically enter your password in login form. The password will be encrypted using your Windows SSID. It can still be restored so do NOT use this feature on untrusted computers!

  9. Auto requeue - play again without clicking

    You can enable auto queue to have the program automatically put you in the queue for next game as soon as the last game ends.